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  • Custom Wristbands
    Custom Wristbands Don't like our standard wristband designs? Create your own with our custom color paper & corporate laser wristbands.
  • Hologram Ticket
    Hologram Ticket Our Hologram Tickets have a UV Security message embedded on the back of all tickets which are visible in natural daylight or with a handheld UV light.
  • Traditional Theatre Ticket
    Traditional Theatre Ticket Choose from a wide range of colors and styles; send us some logos, pricing & text and you've got yourself a fresh batch of traditional theatre style tickets!

Customised Wristbands

We currently stock 3 types of customised wristbands :

Custom Tyvek Wristbands

Our custom printed Tyvek Wristbands are our most affordable custom printed wristband, we have a large selection of solid colours, which are our most popular option, and we can also print on a range of pre-printed designs.

We can print both text and images on these bands, in black, however if you choose our White Tyvek Band, we can print in Full Colour for only .1c extra per band.

These bands are best suited on the lighter colours and styles which you can view the entire range here however not all colours are available as they are not appropriate for printing.

View our pricing chart here, or continue to purchase your order online.

Customised Paper Wristband

Our customized wristbands, are a black thermal printed band, and are an ideal way to promote your event while giving your customer a souvenir of the event. Wristbands can include both text and logos, which is an appealing way to promote your sponsors. All wristbands are consecutively numbered and have pre-printed terms and conditions on the back. View our standard Terms & Conditions here.

  • Colours available: Yellow, Orange, Blue, Pink, and Lime Green
  • Minimum order is 100
  • The text is printed only in black over our vibrant coloured bands
  • Logo's can be sent as any file type, however they must be sent with a minimum 300dpi
  • Check our Costing Chart for pricing, or feel free to contact us on (03) 9500 2290

Customised Coloured Corporate Laser Wristband

These wristbands can be printed in multiple colours which includes text and your logos.

  • Quantities of bands can be differentiated for types (Adult and Child) and days (for multiple day events. We do this with colour coding text information, using gradient colour backgrounds and images.
  • Minimum order is 100
  • Logos must be sent in their original format for maximum quality print (resolution of 600dpi)

With our customised wristbands, we can personalize your event with information and logos, which are an ideal way to promote sponsors.

Product Features

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  • Wristband Varieties +

    We currently stock 4 types of wristbands:

    • Tyvek (Paper / Plastic)
    • Customised Paper
    • Customised Coloured Laser
    • Sparkle / Techno
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    Night Clubs, Bars, School Productions and Speech Nights, College & University Activities, Dance Groups & Concerts, Sporting Events, Birthdays, Boat Cruises, Company Cristmas Parties and any other purpose that you require.

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