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  • Custom Wristbands
    Custom Wristbands Don't like our standard wristband designs? Create your own with our custom color paper & corporate laser wristbands.
  • Hologram Ticket
    Hologram Ticket Our Hologram Tickets have a UV Security message embedded on the back of all tickets which are visible in natural daylight or with a handheld UV light.
  • Traditional Theatre Ticket
    Traditional Theatre Ticket Choose from a wide range of colors and styles; send us some logos, pricing & text and you've got yourself a fresh batch of traditional theatre style tickets!

Hologram Tickets


Our Hologram Tickets have UV Security message embedded on the back of the all tickets, which is visible in natural light or under a UV hand held light.


Barcodes with serial numbers can be placed on your tickets as an extra security measure.

Terms & Conditions

Both ticket types have been pre-printed terms and conditions on the backs. Many of the points cover you being the event holder in certain situations. View our standard Terms & Conditions here.

Ticket specifications

  • Size 152mm x 80mm (1 Perforated Stub)
  • Logo's must be sent in jpeg files with minimum 300dpi
  • Secure 2D Reflector pass
  • Terms and conditions are displayed pre-printed on the back of the tickets

Product Features

  • Tickets +

  • Wristbands +

  • Wristband Varieties +

    We currently stock 4 types of wristbands:

    • Tyvek (Paper / Plastic)
    • Customised Paper
    • Customised Coloured Laser
    • Sparkle / Techno
  • Our Markets +

    Night Clubs, Bars, School Productions and Speech Nights, College & University Activities, Dance Groups & Concerts, Sporting Events, Birthdays, Boat Cruises, Company Cristmas Parties and any other purpose that you require.

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